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Salesforce Mastery: From Beginner to Advanced Training

OPT / CPT / H4 EAD / L2 EAD / H4, Students & Homemakers (only based in USA) who want to start their IT career.

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Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce with our Comprehensive Training Program

Hands-on Learning
Participants will learn how to effectively manage and analyze customer data, automate sales processes, and streamline customer service operations. Our training is hands-on, allowing participants to practice and apply the skills they learn in real-world scenarios.
Expert Instruction and Ongoing Support
Our experienced instructors will guide participants through the course and provide ongoing support. Upon completion, participants will have the skills and knowledge needed to maximize their use of Salesforce and drive business success.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What is Salesforce training?
Salesforce training is a program that helps businesses and individuals learn how to effectively use the Salesforce platform. The training covers a wide range of topics, including Salesforce navigation, data management, sales automation, customer service, and advanced features
Who should take Salesforce training?
Salesforce training is beneficial for anyone who uses Salesforce in their work, including sales representatives, customer service reps, marketing professionals, and administrators. It's also beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their skills and advance their career in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Will there be ongoing support after the training?
Yes, Mahayugam will offer ongoing support after the training to ensure the success of the implementation of the new processes and features learned during the training. This may include additional training for new employees, troubleshooting issues, and answering any questions that arise.
Will the training be conducted by certified Salesforce professionals?
Yes, all trainers at Mahayugam are certified Salesforce professionals and have many years of industry experience.

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