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When you need a specialized skill set for an IT staffing engagement measured in weeks or months, the most efficient solution can be contractors. We understand that you require contractors on board as soon as possible, which is why we have already taken the time to pre-screen and pre-qualify candidates.

Once we understand your needs, we will provide a short list of well-suited potential contractors that fit your technical requirements, your budget, and your culture. From there we will help manage the interview and engagement process. As part of our onboarding process, we will perform a comprehensive background check before the contractor begins work with your company.

The way people look for work is changing, and the way we connect with candidates is evolving with it. Our recruiters leverage Mahayugam’s proprietary recruiting sites, targeted job boards, social media, online talent communities, and participation in industry forums to find talented people and gain crucial referrals. Everything we do contributes to the same goal: make sure our clients have the exceptional employees and efficient processes they need to make their business better.

During an assignment we will remain visible and accountable. We communicate regularly with stakeholders and contractors to ensure the expectations of all parties are met. Contractors have a dedicated point of contact at Mahayugam ensuring their needs are catered to promptly.

For examples of projects completed utilizing Mahayugam contracting and consulting resources please go to our success stories page.

Contract to hire

Contract to hire essentially means that an organization can take the liberty of employing an individual for a stipulated period of time, with a view to evaluate his abilities and ensure that he is a perfect fit, who can be engaged on a permanent basis. The contract period helps organizations assess candidates on a real time basis in their unique business environment on aspects such as talent, approach to work, ambition and adaptability.

When there is an overwhelming need to hire a full-time employee, but not the time available to do so, our contract-to-hire services may suit your circumstances.

When engaging our contract- to- hire services, we will provide a short list of well-suited candidates that fit your technical requirements, your budget, and your culture, so that you eliminate inaccurate matches and absorb the right talent. Our goal is to ensure that Mahayugam contractors are seamlessly integrated into your work environment.

Direct hire

When the Human Resources department is overwhelmed and recruiting expertise may be focused on core competencies or simply doesn’t have the immediate bandwidth for highly specialized technology searching.

If this is the case, we can provide the resources you need. We connect to our network of active and passive job seekers. Our team’s mastery enables us to identify candidates that are well suited to your organization.

Not only will we match candidates to your technical environment, we will ensure they are a fit for your company’s culture. We will screen, qualify, and check references on all applicants.
We also offer a variety of background check services and we can tailor a suitable background check package to suit your needs. Clients can choose as many of the following options as they need: criminal background checks, drug testing, employment verification and education verification.

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