How to select a subfolder within Pardot?


How to select a subfolder within Pardot?

Navigating within subfolders in Pardot is a crucial skill for efficiently managing your content and organizing files. Whether you are a Salesforce user or new to Pardot, understanding the process of selecting subfolders enhances your ability to locate and manage your resources effectively.

Step 1: Navigating to the Account Engagement Email Tab



  • Log into Salesforce: This is your login to the Salesforce platform, where Pardot is integrated.
  • Click the App Launcher: Think of this as the starting point for various tools.
  • Search for “Account Engagement”: Use the search bar to find “Account Engagement.”
  • Click “Account Engagement” under Apps: This is where you’ll find the necessary tools.


Step 2: Selecting a Subfolder

  • Click “Content” in the navigation bar: This is where you manage your content.
  • Click “Folders”: Folders are like digital containers for your files and documents.
  • Click the “+” button: This is to create a new subfolder if needed.

Step 3:Navigating Within Subfolders

  • Navigate to Each Folder by Clicking the “+” Before the Folder Name: This allows you to access subfolders within the main folder.
  • Click the Subfolder to View the Files It Contains: This is where you can see the content of the subfolder.

Step 4: Create a New Subfolder

  • Click “Add Folder”: If you want to create a new subfolder within the current folder, this is how you do it.



In conclusion, mastering the steps outlined above empowers you to seamlessly navigate and manipulate subfolders within Pardot. By following these straightforward instructions, you can access, view, and create subfolders, optimizing your content management experience in Pardot. Now equipped with the knowledge to efficiently work within subfolders, you can streamline your workflow when using Pardot integrated with the Salesforce platform.